There’s a lot you can do with your Subaru. Do it with confidence.

By enrolling in Subaru Roadside Assistance Plus, you can be directly connected 24/7/365 to an award winning response specialist who can dispatch reliable roadside assistance you
can trust.

Why worry about who to call should
you need roadside assistance?

Even when your complimentary Subaru roadside coverage expires, your
peace of mind doesn’t have to.

Subaru Roadside Assistance Plus maintains a nationwide database of tens
of thousands of repair facilities and dealerships that are qualified to repair
your Subaru. And even if you’re not in your Subaru, you’ll still be covered.

In fact, you and one other household member – even a dependent up to age
22 away at college – will enjoy “sign and go” roadside assistance for many
common emergencies up to four times a year in any vehicle.

All services are provided by Cross Country Motor Club, one of the oldest
and most respected motor clubs in America.

Enjoy prompt and professional
24-hour emergency assistance with
Subaru Roadside Assistance Plus

Coverage of up to $100 per event for:
• Towing
• Fuel delivery (cost of fuel up to two gallons)
• Spare tire installation
• A battery charge
• Vehicle or home locksmith service
• Roadside winching
• And more

Subaru owner traveling with dogs.


Subaru Roadside Assistance Plus
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